How to Treat Breathing Difficulties in Cats

cat breathing problems

My Cat Is Having Trouble Breathing; What Do I Do? There are three different types of breathing problems that cats tend to develop – panting, fast breathing (tachypnea), and dyspnea, or difficulty breathing. And, there are a correspondingly wide array of causes for each of these conditions, some more severe than others. Regardless of which […]

Dextromethorphan for Treating Bronchial Irritation in Dogs

Dextromethorphan for Treating Bronchial Irritation in Dogs

Dextromethorphan: A Cough Suppressant for Animals? Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant that can be obtained over the counter under its brand-name human formulation, Robitussin-DM®, or in generic formulations through a veterinary compounding pharmacy. It is used in veterinary medicine primarily in cases of bronchial or tracheal irritation. Treating Respiratory Conditions in Dogs Dogs can suffer […]

Inter-cat Aggression: Why It Happens and What to Do About It

understanding inter-cat aggression

How to Stop Inter-cat Aggression in Your Home Cats are not only predatory animals, but they’re also extremely territorial. Out in the wild, cats will often turn aggressive with each other when they’re eating, protecting their young, or whenever they cross each other’s territory. This behavior is part of a cat’s DNA, which means that […]

Know Your Dog: Common Behaviors and What They Mean

common dog behaviors

Getting Your Head Wrapped Around Dog Activity and Actions Dogs can be challenging to understand. They are motivated by food; they have an incredibly well developed sense of smell; they are naturally curious, pack animals that love to play and explore. We all know the basics. But when it comes to behavior beyond the basics, […]

How to Travel Safely With Your Pets During the Holiday Season

holiday safety travel tips

Bringing Your Companion Animals Along for the Season The world has made another journey around the sun and the winter holidays are almost upon us. For many of us, it’s time to make travel plans that either make room for our pets to stay home or come along for the ride. Whether you’re pets will […]