Online Pet Pharmacies and Medications

Online Pet Medications These days, a quick Internet search reveals literally hundreds of online pet pharmacies. Most of them promise unbelievably low prices, high-quality medications, and speedy delivery times. That all sounds great, but getting your pet’s medications from unproven sources can be very risky. Some so-called online pharmacies are… Read More

Mirtazapine For Dogs and Cats

Mirtazapine Mirtazapine is a tricyclic anti-depressant that is prescribed by veterinarians to treat a wide range of conditions, from behavioral problems to loss of appetite in cats. Veterinary Uses for Mirtazapine Mirtazapine is most commonly used as an appetite stimulant for dogs and cats that are refusing to eat. It… Read More

Furosemide For Veterinary Use in Dogs and Cats

Furosemide Furosemide is classified as a loop diuretic and its a commonly prescribed drug in the veterinary field for the treatment of fluid retention and pulmonary edema associated with heart failure. Pharmacology of Furosemide Furosemide’s primary mechanism of action is on the part of the kidney known as the loop… Read More

Subcutaneous Injections For Dogs and Cats

How to Give Subcutaneous Injections To Your Pet Prepare everything before you get your pet. Wipe off the top of the injection with an alcohol swab, draw up the correct dosage and eject all the air from the syringe. If the medication was refrigerated, let it rise to room temperature.… Read More

Atenolol For Pets

Atenolol Atenolol is often prescribed by veterinarians to help control an animal’s heart rate, manage heart rhythm disturbances and lower blood pressure. It accomplishes this by blocking certain nervous system impulses on the heart, mainly adrenaline and noradrenaline. Pharmacology of Atenolol Atenolol belongs to a classification of drugs called beta… Read More