A Day of Celebration Around Adopting Pets

Founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, National Pet Day is celebrated annually to bring awareness to the plight of animals awaiting adoption in shelters and rescue operations worldwide. National Pet Day, on April 11, is coming up pretty soon. With that in mind, here are ten great ways to celebrate the special day with your pet.

celebrate national pet day

1 – Commit to Volunteer With a Local Pet Charity

Whether you choose to work for one day a week in a local shelter, or choose to donate auction items for a fundraiser for another pet-related nonprofit in your area, committing to helping out a pet charity is a fantastic and meaningful way to celebrate National Pet Day.

2 – Adopt a Pet

If you don’t currently have a pet, or if you feel like you have the room in your heart, budget, and home to care for another pet, consider adopting an animal from a local rescue facility or shelter for National Pet Day. The heart you save may be your own.

3 – Take Your Pets for a Ride

If you have the kind of dog or cat that enjoys going for a leisurely car ride, fill up the gas tank, roll down the windows enough to let in a bit of the spring aroma—but no so much as to be dangerous to your pets—and take to the countryside.

4 – Go for a Pet Picnic in the Park

Take your dog, cat, or other pet for a picnic outdoors (if feasible for your animal). Bring along a picnic lunch for yourself and your companion animal.

5 – Procure More Pet Toys

Your pet had absolutely nothing to do with the writing of this post. But if they had, this idea likely would’ve topped the list.

6 – Schedule an Annual Visit to the Vet

All pets need to be looked after by a professional caregiver. What better day than National Pet Day to make sure that you’re fulfilling your responsibilities and getting them the medical attention that they need to thrive? Even if you’re not able to visit on National Pet Day, you can still make this the day you make the call and set the appointment.

7 – Take Your Pet to a Local Senior Center or Children’s Ward

Sick children and the elderly can derive great joy from an encounter with a healthy and friendly dog, cat, rodent, bird, or other companion animal. Make sure you check with the senior center, nursing home, or hospital before you show up with your pet, though. Most facilities have strict rules or programs in place.

8 – Provide Your Pet With a Home or Professional Spa Day

Give your pet or companion animal the grooming they need and deserve in honor of National Pet Day. To celebrate, you can go for that deep clean, get her nails done, and get them a cut and style, even.

9 – Dress Up

Some pets love them, some pets hate them, but nothing drives activity in your social media feeds quite as much as posting pictures of your puts dressed up in pet costumes. Make sure you’re using the ones that are actually designed for them, though, and always be safe about it.

10 – Throw a Pet Party

Chances are good that you have friends with pets too. Get all your pets together, provided they get along and throw a pet party (or fundraiser for your local pet charity or animal rescue) to celebrate National Pet Day.

Working to Fix the Problem of Unwanted Pets Through Celebration

National Pet Day helps to bring awareness to the need for pet adoptions. Through celebrating with your pets and family, you can help fix the problem of unwanted pets and spread the word about adopting an animal that needs your help.

Author: Giano Panzarella