2018 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Perfect for Pets

A brand new year always brings with it a concentrated effort to improve one’s life in certain ways. For pet owners, their resolutions often include an emphasis on making their pets’ lives better, too.

If you want to dedicate yourself to a few pet-focused New Year’s resolutions this year, then here are ten different ways you can improve your pet’s health and wellness in 2018.

resolutions for your pets

#1: Start an Emergency Pet Fund

Everyone should have an emergency fund to help guard them against unexpected expenses. But, if you’re a pet owner, you should also have an emergency fund dedicated to your pet’s medical needs. This will be a lifesaver should your pet need an emergency surgery or treatment.

Start building your emergency pet fund in 2018 so you’ll have the money necessary to ensure your pet gets the treatment she needs.

#2: Update the Information on Your Pet’s Tag and Chip

If you have moved or changed your home phone number in recent years, then there’s a change your pet’s tag and her microchip might contain outdated information. Take time this year to purchase new tags and update her microchip at https://www.freepetchipregistry.com so you can improve the odds of her making it home should she wander away from home in 2018.

#3: Devote More Time to Playing With Your Pet

Your pet loves you unconditionally, so naturally, she loves being around you every chance she gets. Show your pet how much she means to you this year by concentrating on spending more time playing with her.

Whether you play toss and catch and throw and retrieve outside, or you play with her using toys inside, devoting more time to your pet will help your bond grow stronger than ever and you’ll be helping her get the exercise she needs to stay healthy.

#4: Groom Your Pet More Often

Grooming your pet is not only important for keeping her comfortable and her hair shiny and healthy, but it is also a good way to check for any lumps, bumps, or other concerns. Make a resolution to brush your pet daily. It enables you to connect with her in a physical way and you’ll prevent a lot of that hair from showing up on your furniture.

#5: Measure Your Pet’s Food

Filling up a bowl with pet food and letting your pet have at it whenever she wants is a good way for her to become obese or to develop an obsession with food. Instead, this year focus on measuring her food every day so you always know she’s eating a healthy and appropriate amount.

#6: Try Something New With Your Pet

Pets can get bored of things just like humans can. So, why not try a new activity this year to spice things up? For instance, you can take your dog on a hike or a camping trip. Or, you can learn a new game to play with her. Either way, the new experience will spark her interest and it will be good for her health.

#7: Brush Her Teeth

Your pet’s health can be impacted by her oral hygiene. So, this year make sure her teeth are clean and tidy by brushing them every day. This will help prevent tartar and plaque from building up and reduce the risk of her losing teeth as she ages.

#8: Start a Medical Diary for Your Pet

A medical diary for your pet will be a valuable resource for your veterinarian should she get sick in the new year. Make a list of her allergies, her medications, and any visits to the veterinarian. Include the reason for the visit and the treatment that was prescribed, as well as how your pet reacted to the treatment.

#9: See the Veterinarian Regularly

Scheduling regular vet appointments is important, even if your pet isn’t currently showing any signs of illness. By taking her to regular checkups, the veterinarian will become more familiar with your pet and this can be very valuable should she ever get sick or injured.

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Author: Giano Panzarella