Is Your Cat and Dog Getting Along Like… Cats and Dogs?

There’s a reason why the phrase “like cats and dogs” is used to describe things like fights and chaos. These two pets have long been considered opposites, and in many ways, natural antagonists for each other. So when they meet each other, unpleasant reactions can often be expected.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your cat and dog get along in the home. In fact, with patience and practice, they might even become best friends. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help get your pets comfortable with each other.

Prepare for the Introduction

When you are preparing your home for a new pet coming in, make sure there is plenty of open space so there is room for the pets to stay out of each other’s way. Try to eliminate any areas where one pet might become trapped. You should also store any precious items or decorations in case your cat runs or jumps away from your dog.

Keep the Pets Separated for the First Few Days

Bringing a new pet into the home introduces her scent to the environment. This can be triggering for some pets, especially if there was only one pet in the home previously. Therefore, keep the pets separate from each other for the first three or four days. This will enable them to become familiar with each other’s scent. Never try to force the introduction. A stressed or unhappy pet is more likely to lash out.

Alternate Their Rooms

After your pets have been in different rooms, switch them so your dog is now in the cat’s room and vice-versa. This will further help familiarize the pets with each other’s scent without seeing each other face-to-face. A new scent is a major reason why dogs and cats will fight. Taking this approach will help reduce this risk.

Let Them Smell Each Other Through a Door

Keep your cat on one side of a closed door and your dog on the other. They will immediately start smelling each other under the door.

Wait Until Your Cat Is Relaxed to Introduce Them

Of the two pets, your cat will undoubtedly be the most anxious. Dogs can be overly curious or playful, and this can cause some cats to tense up. You’ll know when your cat is ready when she doesn’t run away from the door while your dog is on the other side. By this time, she should be familiar with her scent and sounds.

Hold the Cat and Leash the Dog

While your cat is in your arms and relaxed, have someone bring the dog into the room using a leash. Gradually bring the dog closer, one step at a time. Continue moving the dog closer only when your pets have calmed down. Don’t let the pets touch each other.

Bringing the dog into the room and getting them to see each other is enough at this time. You can also put your cat in a crate if you’re afraid she might react negatively.

Share the Love

Pets can get jealous if you spend more time with one over the other. So, it is important to spend equal time with each.

Gradually Increase Their Together Time

Continue bringing your pets into the same room together but don’t let them interact. Let the periods of togetherness grow longer and longer until they are completely relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence. After a few weeks, take your dog off the leash to see how she reacts.

Keep Them Separated When You’re Away

Unless an adult is home with the pets, they should be separated, so they don’t get into a tussle and injure each other. This should be done for at least the first few weeks, just as a safety precaution.

Reward Your Pup for Good Behavior

When the cat enters the room and your dog doesn’t react, give her a treat and praise her. This will help your dog associate positive things with your cat.

Provide Your Cat Places Where She Can Be Out of Reach

A tall cat tree provides your cat with a place where she can escape your dog if she needs or wants to. Having this option will make your cat more tolerant of your dog and help make your home more peaceful.

If after all of these steps, your cat or dog still has a problem with anxiety or aggression, then you should take her to the veterinarian for a check-up to ensure there isn’t an underlying medical condition causing her unease. If your vet prescribes your pet medicine, then you can get your pet’s scripts filled by Diamondback Drugs quickly and for less.

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Author: Giano Panzarella