What Exactly Is a Pet Behaviorist and What Can They Do for My Dog or Cat?

Could a Pet Behaviorist Be the Answer to My Pet’s Problems? Approximately 10 to 15 percent of pet owners say that they are dealing with pet behavior problems. While most of these issues can be treated by a veterinarian and an experienced trainer, there are some pets that don’t take well to training or other […]

10 Signs Your Dog or Cat Is Getting Old: Behavior Changes in Aging Pets

Your Pet’s Behavior Will Likely Change as They Get Older One of the hardest things to experience as a pet owner is watching your beloved pet get older. As this process occurs, you will start noticing your pet behaving differently than she used to. These changes may see alarming, but in most cases, they are […]

Lifecycle of Training Stages in a New Dog

Knowing What to Teach a Dog and at What AgeIs Key to Successful Training Training a dog might seem like either an impossible task, or one that should come naturally. Neither is the case. If you begin training when your dog is a puppy and maintain consistency in your training while gradually introducing new concepts […]

9 Ways You Can Improve You and Your Cat’s Litter Box Experience

cat litter box behavior

Making the Best of Your Cat’s Litter Box Time Let’s face it: while there are many fantastic aspects to providing a good home for a feline friend, dealing with the litter box is not typically considered to be one of them. This fact can be compounded by any aspect of litter box maintenance, or patterns […]

10 Things to Know When Bringing a New Cat or Kitten Into Your Home

Taking Care of a New Cat or Kitten You’ve decided to take the plunge and bring home a new cat or kitten. You think you already know everything that you may need to know in order to provide a great life and environment for your new pet, but not everything about taking care of a […]