Solving Pet Problems and Finding Solutions for Misbehaving Cats and Dogs

Approaching Pet Behavior From a Positive and Rational Perspective Many pet owners have found themselves in a challenging and uncomfortable position in the weeks and months after they take home their new dog or cat. Pet problems are a near universal issue for pet owners, and require patience, discipline, and, sometimes, outside help to solve. […]

Expecting Holiday Visitors? Here’s How to Mix Company With Your Pets

How to Bring Everyone Together for a Good Time, Safely The holidays are here again, so it’s time to break out the good dishes, decorate the house, and roll out the ol’ red carpet. It’s time to entertain in the way that only the winter holidays can deliver. But, if you have a pet, you […]

Understanding the Relationship Between Dog Seizures, Dog Food, and Diet

preventing dog seizures

Can a Dog’s Food and Diet Impact the Onset of Seizures? For several years, veterinarians have been discussing the possible link between a dog’s diet and her risk for seizures. Over that time, studies have been conducted and papers have been written. Here’s everything we know so far about the connection between your dog’s food […]

Mixed-Breed and Purebred Dogs: Making the Right Choice for You

Does It Make More Sense to Get a Mixed-Breed or a Purebred Dog? If you’re thinking about getting a dog for your family, you will have to choose between a purebred dog and a mixed-breed dog. While you really can’t go wrong with either, each choice does have its own unique pros and cons. In […]

Potential Costs Involved With Common Animal Surgery

paying for pet surgery

Don’t Let Common Pet Surgeries Break the Bank Cats, dogs, and other pets aren’t immune to requiring surgical procedures to overcome certain health problems or injuries from time to time. But when a surgery is required, the expense can come as a shock to the pet’s owner. Animal surgery is not cheap, and because of […]