Potential Costs Involved With Common Animal Surgery

paying for pet surgery

Don’t Let Common Pet Surgeries Break the Bank Cats, dogs, and other pets aren’t immune to requiring surgical procedures to overcome certain health problems or injuries from time to time. But when a surgery is required, the expense can come as a shock to the pet’s owner. Animal surgery is not cheap, and because of […]

Holiday Hazards and Dangers Your Pets Should Avoid

Keeping Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season Another year has passed, or is about to anyway, and the holidays are upon us again. While you’re planning and decorating and shopping, engaging in the merrymaking that makes the season so special, take a moment to consider your pets and the many hazards that this time of […]

Dreaming, Sleeping, and Seizures: Strange Dog Behavior Explained

Is My Dog Dreaming or Having A Seizure, and Do I Need To Worry? For those dog owners lacking experience, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a dog in the middle of an exciting dream, and a dog having a seizure in their sleep. A dog panting, whining, and moving erratically […]

What Antibiotics Are Commonly Used to Treat Infections in Cats?

antibiotics for cat infections

Treat Feline Infections With Antibiotics A cat that is diagnosed with an infection is typically treated using a class of drugs called antibiotics. However, which antibiotic the veterinarian uses will depend on several factors, such as the type of infection, the severity of the illness, the age and health of the cat, and other factors. […]

How Long Can a Cat Live With Cancer?

My Cat Has Cancer; How Long Do I Have With Her? Any time you take your cat to the veterinarian, you fear hearing the word “cancer.” Even if your cat isn’t sick, the thought always comes to mind, and you instantly start worrying. But, even if your cat is diagnosed with cancer, it doesn’t necessarily […]