What to Do When Your Cat Is Having a Seizure

Help Your Cat Before, During, and After a Convulsion Watching your cat go through a seizure can be a very challenging experience. It’s even harder if you don’t know what to do to help them, or what to do afterward. Feline seizures are usually typified by behavior such as drooling, muscle spasms, and erratic movements. […]

Felbamate for Treating Seizure Disorders in Animals

Using Felbamate to Treat Epilepsy in Cats and Dogs Felbamate is an anticonvulsant medication used by veterinarians to treat dogs, cats, and other animals suffering from seizure disorders like epilepsy. This medication is not typically an initial treatment option, but rather, it is commonly prescribed only after other anticonvulsant drugs have proven ineffective. How Does […]

Top Antibiotics Most Commonly Prescribed for Veterinary Medicine in Dogs

Drugs Used to Combat Infections in Dogs The history of antibiotic use in medicine goes back several centuries. People have been using plants and other substances with antibiotic properties to combat infection as far back as Ancient Egypt. However, prior to the discovery of penicillin and other widely used antibiotics in the late nineteenth and […]

November is National Pet Diabetes Month: Here’s What You Need to Know

Protecting Your Pet From the Effects of Diabetes Diabetes has been in the news quite a bit lately. Along with the human obesity epidemic has come a cry from public health officials, doctors, and researchers to communicate the very real danger of being overweight, specifically as it relates to becoming diabetic. November was named National […]

Causes and Symptoms of Different Seizure Disorders in Dogs

symptoms of dog seizures

Understanding What Causes Dog Seizures Seizures, or convulsions, also known colloquially as “fits,” are a somewhat common occurrence in dogs. They can be brought on by a variety of causes, but are typically characterized by uncontrolled muscle activity caused by a disturbance in the normal functioning of your dog’s brain. Regardless, watching your dog experience […]