15 Kinds of Human Food You Probably Didn’t Know Your Cat Could Eat

Giving Human Food to Your Cat Isn’t Always a Good Thing… But Sometimes Cat owners are continually reminded of which human foods are toxic for their cats to ingest. And, it makes sense because no one wants their cat to get into something that is potentially poisonous to them. But, you might find it surprising […]

Heparin to Aid in Treating Diseases Associated With Blood Clots in Animals

treating blood clots with heparin

Using Heparin in Veterinary Medicine Heparin is a naturally occurring biological substance and is responsible for blocking the formation of blood clots and blood clotting factors. It is used in veterinary medicine primarily for treating certain diseases associated with blood clotting, including thromboembolic disease and disseminated intravascular coagulation. How Is Heparin Obtained? Heparin is naturally […]

Here’s How to Handle Territorial Aggression in Cats

territorial aggressive cats

Are Your Cats Fighting for Territory Around the House? Cats are territorial creatures. They mark their territory through various means, such as rubbing on furniture and spreading their pheromones. In severe cases, a cat may even “spray” surfaces. This most commonly occurs when a new cat is introduced to a home with one or more […]