10 Ways You Can Improve Your Veterinary Practice

improving vet business

Taking Your Vet Practice to the Next Level With These Tips Maybe your vet practice has some new competition; maybe you’ve reached a natural plateau with your business, and you are no longer growing with your community. Or maybe you’re always looking to improve your reputation and standing with your patients and in the surrounding […]

Diamondback Drugs New EZ Dose™ Pen

Accurately Apply Transdermal Medications With Ease   If you’ve ever had to apply a topical or transdermal medication to your pet’s skin or put one in your pet’s ear, than you know what a challenge it can often be. Sometimes pets just won’t sit still, and at other times, your pet may not be interested […]

Scottsdale pharmacists

Zoos, pet owners consult Scottsdale pharmacists for unorthodox veterinary need
Michael Blaire, co-owner and registered pharmacist in charge at Diamondback Drugs in Scottsdale, knows.
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Compounding Pharmacists

Compounding Pharmacists Think Big to Meet Vet Clients’ Specialized Needs
When compounding pharmacists say that they provide targeted solutions, it seems that they really mean it. After all, if your 5,000-pound rhinoceros balks at taking his antibiotics, who else are you going to call? Read more…