Is Your Dog or Cat Exhibiting Strange Behavior? Could Be the Moon

It’s not uncommon for humans to act strangely during full moons. Just visit any hospital emergency room or county jailhouse to see for yourself. But, did you know that pets may also be affected by the full moon? According to one study, it was determined that animal hospitals see increases in visits (23% in cats, 28% in dogs) over the course of the three nights of full moons.

If you believe your pet’s behavior changes during the full moon and you want to know why, here is everything you need to know about pet behavior and how the cycles of the moon can affect it.

Pet behavior during a full moon

The Moon and Its Effect on the Earth

The moon has an effect on the Earth every single day because there is a very strong magnetic pull between the Earth, the moon, and the Sun. For instance, the moon’s magnetic pull on the Earth affects the planet’s large bodies of water. The moon is what causes the direction of ocean currents and its resulting tides; when the moon is in its full stage, the tides are at their highest.

Does the Moon Really Affect Pet Behavior?

Most pet owners will tell you that the full moon definitely has an effect on their pets’ behavior. Dogs, like their ancestors the wolves, are known to howl at the moon when it’s full. Cats tend to hide. Birds become agitated and sometimes even disoriented. Veterinary offices and pet hospitals become congested with visits.

However, none of these behaviors has ever been scientifically proven to be directly caused by the cycles of the moon.

Possible Causes of Increased Pet Injuries During the Full Moon

Although science hasn’t officially confirmed or debunked the full moon’s effect on pet behavior, there are some theories as to why pet injuries might increase during this particular phase of the moon.

The most common theory is that pet owners are simply spending more time outside with their pets during these times when the moon’s light is at its peak. However, despite the moon’s light, it is still nighttime and this alone will increase your pet’s risk of injury if you choose to spend more time with her outside at night.

If your pet’s behavior does change with the full moon, then there really isn’t much you can do about it other than to take her to the vet for a prescription for an anti-anxiety medicine. It is equally important to note that pet owners should practice extra care whenever they spend time with their pets outside in the evening hours.

You should outfit your dog with a reflective collar or a collar flasher to help make it easier for drivers to see her. And, you should always have the phone number and address of the nearest pet hospital in your phone in the event an accident does occur.

If your veterinarian prescribes any medications or supplements for your pet to help her with her anxiety during the full moon, you can receive a free quote for the medications from Diamondback Drugs. We can help you save money on all of your pet medications.


Author: Giano Panzarella