Bonding With Your New Partner, and Your Pet

Living alone with a pet forges a strong bond that can make introducing significant others to the special pet somewhat of a challenge. Be it a dog or a cat, a pet can be overly protective of their owner and suspicious of or aggressive toward others who enter their territory.

But, having your significant other meet your pet is a big (and potentially inevitable) step in your relationship. In fact, in some ways, it is just as important as your partner meeting your family. In each situation, you want everything to go as well as possible. Here are some tips to help improve the odds of your pet accepting someone new into your life (and into their home!)

Introduce Their Scent First

Before your significant other visits your home, introduce their scent to your pet by bringing something they’ve recently worn into your home. Let your pet smell the fabric and follow that up with a reward of some kind. This will cause your pet to associate the scent with something positive and it will help set your pet more at ease when she smells the scent on your partner.

Say Your Partner’s Name

Another thing you can do when having your pet sniff your partner’s clothing is to say his or her name out loud before you place the item near your pet’s nose. This will help your pet associate a name to the scent and the positive reward. This should be done several times before your partner meets your pet for the first time.

Introduce Your Partner to Your Pet in a Neutral Area

Instead of having your partner meet your pet in her territory for the first time, try having them meet in a neutral area, like a park. Have your pet approach your partner and not the other way around. Your partner should stand sideways to your pet and avoid making eye contact with her.

Once your pet is calm, your partner can feed her special treats, like cut up chicken or turkey hot dogs. If your dog takes the treats from your partner’s hand, then you can both take her someplace she enjoys, like a dog park, the beach, or a hike in the hills.

Every time your pet looks at your partner, have him or her give your pet another treat. Continue this until your partner can pet your dog without a problem. You should continue to meet in a neutral area for a few times until your pet is comfortable around your partner.

Once your pet is relaxed and appears to enjoy your partner’s company, then you can return home with your partner and your pet.

Have Your Partner Interact With Your Pet at Home

When your partner enters your home for the first time, have him or her give your pet her favorite toy or chew. If you have an enclosed back yard, you can have them play a game of fetch together. This will help form the bond you’re looking for them to have.

Take Your Pet to the Vet if She Stays Aggressive

If after socializing your dog she remains aggressive to your significant other, then you should take her to the veterinarian for a check-up. She may have a medical condition that is causing her to be overly aggressive, or she may need medication to help ease her anxiety if she can’t naturally calm down.

Getting your pet to be comfortable around a new person in your (and her) life takes time and patience, and hopefully the process can occur naturally and without the need for medications. But, if your pet does require an anti-anxiety medication, you can get it for less at Diamondback Drugs. Get a free quote for your pet’s prescription today!

Author: Giano Panzarella