The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) drafted the USP 797 and 795
guidelines to provide procedures and requirements for compounding sterile
(USP 797) and nonsterile (USP 795) preparations to help prevent errors and
contamination. These guidelines focus on the facility, training, testing
and product.

Diamondback Drugs meets or exceeds USP 797 and 795 guidelines.

All Technicians and Pharmacists undergo yearly continuing education and testing based on USP 797 and 795 guidelines.

Ship all prescriptions according to medication requirements.

Only use FDA approved vendors and validate their license for our active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Obtain a Certificate of Analysis for all products and conduct independent testing for verification.

Use independent vetted labs for multiple product testing of individual batches.

Conduct media fill, surface, fingertip and volumetric air sample testing.

Test all sterile compounds for sterility, potency and endotoxins.

All sterile products are quarantined until testing is completed and our compliance team reviews and releases the product.

Have a dedicated internal compliance and quality department that monitors, logs and tracks all product testing.

Utilize 3rd party independent certification on all sterile prep areas and hoods a minimum of 4 times a year, exceeding USP 797.

Licensed in all required states. Servicing all 50 states.