Tacrolimus is a calcineuron inhibitor. Its primary use in veterinary medicine is for the treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in dogs. Tacrolimus can also be used to treat dermatologic problems such as Superficial Keratitis, Miliary Dermatitis and Atopic Dermatitis.

Tacrolimus may also be a suitable therapy for cats. In some cases, the veterinary drug may be administered to prevent organ rejection following transplant surgery.

Veterinary Medicine — Dogs and KCS

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, also known as KCS or dry eye, is an inflammatory condition. The disease is most common in the canine species. It decreases the production of tears, which can eventually lead to blindness. In some cases, KCS may be the outcome of an immune mediated condition.

Veterinary Drugs — Tacrolimus Eye Drops
Tacrolimus is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drug, often prescribed in veterinary medicine for the ophthalmic treatment of KCS. The ophthalmic drops work to stimulate the tear glands and prevent further destruction of tissue. Some animals with KCS resulting from abnormal activity of the immune system may need to undergo Tacrolimus therapy throughout life.

Veterinary Drugs — Tacrolimus for Dermatologic Conditions

Tacrolimus may also be prescribed in veterinary medicine as a topical cream or ointment for the treatment of a variety of dermatologic conditions.

Tacrolimus Precautions and Side Effects in Veterinary Medicine

Tacrolimus is generally only recommended for topical use. In terms of side effects, both the eye drops and topical ointment have been among the most well received veterinary drugs.

Side effects are rare, but may include slight irritation of the eyes. Extreme reactions may be the result of an allergic response to the drug. Signs of an allergic reaction may include vomiting, seizures, hives and swelling around the face.

Veterinary Drugs — Tacrolimus Dosage and Administration

Your veterinarian will prescribe the dose and provide directions for administering Tacrolimus. In order to achieve the best possible results from treatment with veterinary drugs, it’s important to carefully follow the corresponding instructions.


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