Keep Your Kitty Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time to bask in the sun with your furry friend, but it’s important to remember that cats can become overheated easily. When the temperatures start to soar, we can put on our swimsuit, slap on some sunscreen, and relax by the pool for hours; but cats have to wear their fluffy fur coat all summer long.

keep your cat cool

1) Keep Cold Water Readily Available

The most important way to help your kitty maintain a healthy temperature during hot weather is to ensure that they have constant access to cold water. You can always stick some ice cubes in the water to keep it that much cooler.

2) Give Your Kitty a Fan

Air circulation is an important way to keep your cat cool—if your house is cool, then your cat is probably at a safe temperature, too. Keeping a box fan in the window circulating air, even if you aren’t home, will make a big difference in maintaining your cat’s cool temp.

3) Damp Cloth Method

Next time you want to snuggle with your feline friend on a scorching hot day, incorporate a damp cloth. The warmest parts of a cat’s body are the belly, paws, and neck. If your cat seems open to it, place a damp cloth or towel on her belly as you spend some quality time snuggling.

4) Keep Her Favorite Lounging Spots Cool

Your cat probably has a few favorite lounging spots around the house, so take some extra time to ensure that these spots are especially cool. Place some extra water dishes around spots in your home that your cat frequents. Leave damp towels or washcloths in her favorite places and you may find that she plops herself down right on top of them.

5) Regular Grooming Is Key

In order to keep your cat safe, healthy, and cool this summer, make sure your cat has a regular grooming session. Regular brushing and grooming can do wonders for disposing of excess hair that’s only trapping in heat.

6) Let Your Cat Just Lounge

Be mindful that your cat might not be as willing to frolic or play on super hot days. Instead of pressuring your cat to play with her favorite toys, whether she loves laser toys or catnip, just let her lounge around. Save the exercising for days when the heat is more manageable.

7) Keep Her Bed Cool

Consider lofting your cat’s bed to allow air to flow under the bed. Freeze water in a water bottle and place the bottle in your cat’s bed to keep temperatures cold.

8) Close the Curtains During the Day

While your cat may love to sit in heat spots on window sills and mantles, in the summer months, this can lead to heat stroke. On the hottest days of the year, keeping the curtains closed will ensure that the whole house stays cooler for both you and your pets.

9) Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

Keep your eyes peeled for signs of heat stroke. Recognizing heat stroke can help prevent larger health issues and dangers. Symptoms of heat stroke include panting, vomiting, distress, hot skin, and glazed eyes.

10) Create an Oasis

When the weather begins to really heat up, create safe spaces in your home where your cat can escape the heat. Rooms with tile floors—like bathrooms and kitchens—often stay cooler than carpeted rooms, so make sure your cat has access to these spaces.

11) Be Weary of Sunburn

Whether you have a longhaired cat or a hairless, your cat may be susceptible to sunburn. You can purchase pet sunscreen at many pet stores, and you may want to do this if you have a hairless cat or a cat with white nose and paws.

12) Don’t Leave Your Cat in the Car

While this may seem like a no-brainer, every year there are fatalities related to pets overheating in the car. In the summer, cars can heat to temperatures that are unsafe even for humans, so play it safe and keep your cat out of the car this summer.

13) Keep It Cool Indoors

If you have an air conditioner, consider turning it on for a few hours every day to ensure that your cat can stay cool while indoors. Remember, you cat can’t necessarily go swimming or enjoy an ice-cold beverage, so keeping the house cool is vital.

14) Check Your Cat’s Paws for Burns

If your indoor cat spends any time outdoors, be sure to check her feet for burns. When sidewalks, patios, and driveways heat up, they can damage an indoor cat’s sensitive paws.

15) Invest in a Self-Cooling Pet Pad

A pet-cooling pad can help housepets stay cool in the summer, especially if your pet has long or thick fur. Pet-cooling pads are generally filled with water or gel and allow the pet to lounge on the pad to cool their entire body.

While your cat’s soft fur makes for prime snuggle conditions, it’s important to take the necessary measures to ensure that she manages to stay cool during heat waves. Keep your cat healthy and cool during the summer by following these 15 tips and hacks.

Author: Giano Panzarella