Time to Start Tracking Your Pet’s Behavior Changes…

If own your own business, you probably track your expenses. Maybe you also track your new car’s maintenance needs. But, do you track your pet’s behavioral changes? If not, then there is a very good reason why you might want to start.

Monitoring and tracking your pet’s behavior will allow you to gain the data you need to determine whether there’s something going on with her health, how well she is adapting to training, or how well her medical treatments are working.

Behavioral changes in pets can either be positive or negative, but regardless, it means that something is changing within your pet. Tracking the changes can help you and your vet make better assessments before proceeding with treatment protocols.

Tracking Helps You Manage Stressful Pet Situations

When a pet starts behaving differently, the situation can quickly become hectic and disorderly. Being able to record the changes will help you restore order to what is happening. It will also help you to identify possible patterns and triggers that may be impacting your pet’s behavior.

Your record will also help you be able to prove to your vet that your pet is undergoing changes in her behavior if the vet can’t find anything physically wrong with her.

Tracking Helps You Identify Age-Related and Non-Age-Related Behaviors

Over the life of your pet, her behavior will undoubtedly change. This usually occurs naturally as she ages, and her body becomes less active. But there are also medical reasons why her behavior might change.

For instance, she may be more aggressive because she is in pain, or she may start spending more time by herself, away from the family. Tracking these changes will make it easier for your vet to tell you whether it’s just her getting older, or if there is something more serious in play.

How to Track Your Pet’s Behavior

Learning how to track your pet’s behavior takes dedication and a lot of upfront work, especially if you’re not already someone who journals. You should have a notebook in which you can notate how your pet is behaving. Other things to include are the weather conditions, any changes in the home environment, her diet and any treats she had, how much water she drank, your own health and energy levels, where she is at in the house, and anything else that might be a trigger for her.

Continue to track her behavior and over time, you will start seeing similarities form. For instance, you may discover that she behaves the worst when it is hot and humid, or after she eats a particular type of food. Ultimately, the idea is to be able to provide your vet with data that she can use to develop a fuller picture of your pet’s life, so she can treat her more accurately.

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Author: Giano Panzarella